Professional Visits

As a part of the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Programme I have visited the following  academic, special and national Libraries across London, Manchester, Cambridge  and Scotland to meet and discuss with the Library professionals on various issues related library developments.

Date University/Institute Report Photos
29/01/2013 UEL Stratford Campus Library, London Report Photos
07/02/2013 Maughan Library, Kings College London, London
Report Photos
07/02/2013 Franklin-Wilkins Library, Kings College London Waterloo Campus, London
Report Photos
11/02/2013 Welcome Library, London Report Photos
11/02/2013 London School of Economics (LSE) Library, London Report Photos
20/02/2013 National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland Report Photos
12/03/2013 The British Council, Manchester Report Photos
12/03/2013 Manchester Business School & Manchester University, Manchester Report Photos
13/03/2013 Salford University & Media Centre, BBC, Manchester Report Photos
13/03/2013 John Rylands Library, Manchester Report Photos


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