Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library

TISS Library established along with the institute way back in 1936 is one of the leading social science libraries in the country. The library was named as “Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Library” on 3rd May, 2002 in the memory of late Sir Dorabjii Tata.

 It is geared to meet the      academic and research information needs of the user community. It provides a conducive environment for intellectual enquiry by providing user-focused services to obtain and evaluate scholarly information and knowledge. Since the library specializes in the field of applied social sciences, it has become most sought after library for the social scientists in India. It is a unique Knowledge Centre, which offers essential and specialized information resources and services to meet the growing information needs by;

  • Developing user-based resources;
  • Organizing information resources;
  • Providing human and technologically moderated access to information; and
  • Facilitating users to identify, locate, obtain and evaluate information.

Please visit website to know more about library and its services


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