Step-1: Download latest version of Program O (current is 2.4.8) software package from the following link and Save and Unzip it  in Downloads folder.

Download Link: Program-O

Step-2: Update Linux Repository.

#apt-get update
Note: No need to follow steps 3-5, if MYSQL, PHP & Apache are already installed. Check their availability with following command in Terminal.
#dpkg -l | grep mysql
#dpkg -l | grep php5
#dpkg -l | grep apache2

Step-3: Install  MYSQL server

#apt-get install mysql-server-5.5

Step-4: Install PHP

#apt-get install php5

Step-5: Install apache2

#apt-get install apache2

Step-6: Create database programo in MYSQL and GRANT All privileges

#mysql -u root -p;
mysql>create database programo;
mysql>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON programo.* TO root@localhost;

Step-7: Copy programo package from Downloads folder to www folder

#cp -rp Downloads/Program-O-master /var/www/
#cd /var/www/
#mv Program-O-master programo#chmod -R 777 programo

Step-8: Open ProgramO application in any browser and fill up the fields with proper details.


Step-9: Login to Admin console


Step-10: Login to User interface


Examples Live Chatbots:


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