RDM Workshop: Module3-Data Management Plan (DMP)

I attended the third Research Data Management (RDM) workshop Module3 on Data Management Plan today. In the second workshop module2 we were asked to evaluate some of the RDM projects of some UK universities. I got Leeds University to evaluate their RDM project which I discussed in the workshop.  There was a presentation on How to Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan by Sarah Jones from Digital Curation Centre (DCC).  She explained in her presentation the benefits of having a plan for the effective data management.  Several research funders ask for data plans as part of grant proposals.  We were asked to study following each one of the six core themes of the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan and give our opinion.

  1. Data Types, Formats, Standards, and Capture Methods
  2. Ethics and Intellectual Property
  3. Access, Data Sharing and Reuse
  4. Short-Term Storage and Data Management
  5. Deposit and Long-Term Preservation
  6. Resourcing

We also discussed two case studies of Data Management Plan of University of Bristol and Arts & Humanities Research Council.

In the afternoon myself and my fellow colleague Henry  had a separate session with Sarah Jones and Stephen Grace and discussed about how RDM project can be initiated at our respective institute for the benefits of the students and faculty.



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