Annual General Meeting (AGM) of CILIP in London 2013

I got an opportunity to attend the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of CILIP as well as the International Library and Information Group (ILIG) on13th February, 2013 at CILIP headquarters at Ridgmount Street, London. The two AGMs were followed by a talk on “Inspiring Information Professionals” by Annie Mauger, Chief Executive of CILIP. Light refreshments were served before the AGMs which was sponsored by Vaughan Whibley in recognition of his 40 years of service to the CILIP in London Branch and its predecessor.

I consider this opportunity to attend these CILIP meetings as unique one. The fellowship offered the unique and exciting opportunity not only to attend these meetings but also to share our professional experiences.

At CILIP AGM Meeting

At CILIP AGM Meeting

While welcoming the committee members, Peter Beauchamp, President, CILIP in London, expressed that the CILIP, London is working hard to support the activities of CILIP and encourage the members for active participation. Honourary Treasurer Anna Jablkowska presented the statement of accounts for 2012. ILIG is the International Library and Information Group of CILIP whose aims are to raise international issues concerning the profession, contribute to the development of library and information services internationally, foster networking, linking and general cooperation at the international level. ILIG Informals evening meetings are great opportunity for the international library professionals to share their experiences.

In her speech, Annie Mauger urged the committee members not to just expect what CILIP can do to inspire information professionals but also try to think what information professionals can do to inspire the community. She also suggested that don’t just think of users in your library but think about library in your users life. As part of global activity she shared her experience of participating in the last year’s IFLA congress at Helsinki, Finland. During the question and answer session, I suggested the committee members that since every year the commonwealth fellows from LIS field visit UK and they can actively participate in CILIP programme and promote international librarianship.

My special thanks to Anna Jablkowska, Honourary Treasurer, CILIP for informing me about this event and sending me the online link to register for the event. My sincere thanks are due to CILIP and its committee members for giving me an opportunity to be part of this meeting and interact with the members.



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