UEL Library Website Overview

Mr. Russel Kennedy, Electronic Services Librarian explained today in the morning about the UEL Library website and its various sections and services.  There is a 8 member Web Committee at UEL library which comprises of Subject Librarians, Assistant Librarians and  Senior Managers who meets once in a semester to review the services and activities of the library website.  They use commercial software called Terminal Four Wen Content Management System for web authoring and website updation.  He showed us practically how the library webpages are modified/added/changed in Terminal Four Site Manager.  They have added a new International Student Portal on the library website which is dedicated to cater to the international students.   Another interesting part of the library website is Research Support Portal where information related to research tools like Harvard Referencing and EndNote software, PLATO (Plagiarism Teaching Online) Tutorial that covers Plagiarism, ISI Citation Indexes, Institutional Repository, Research Data Management (RDM) are made available. He also explained about a new service called Text-a-Librarian which is going to be launched soon. With this service students can send their queries related to library as text SMS to the librarian. Question Point Reference service will be the back-end for this new Text-a-Librarian service.  While explaining the e-resources management, he showed us some of the counter reports generated for the online databases. They are also using Journals Usage Statistics Portal (JUSP) for generating usage statistics of most the online databases. It is interesting to know whether we can also make use of this service as most of the databases we subscribe at TISS are also available in JUSP. They use exclusively MetaLib e-resource management tool of ExLibris Alma software for adding/deleting e-resources. Presently he is working on a new project i.e. Demand Driven Acquisition for the electronic resources where in instead of subscribing to the entire database only on demand articles or pay-per-view article will be purchased.  Their future plan is to make the library website more of web 2.0 and social media friendly to cater to the new generation library users.  Since we both are responsible for the management of library website at our respective organisations, this session was very useful and we thanked Mr. Russel for sparing his time with us continuously for more than 2 hours.

with Russel  Kennedy

with Russel Kennedy

In the afternoon we had a review meeting with our supervisor Mrs. Gurdish. We both shared our experience so far at UEL and discussed further about the forthcoming library visits and participation in the seminars/workshops/conferences. She also invited us to look into the new strategy planning of UEL library which will envisage the new developments in the next three years.


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